History of the basque

Information on the basque and its origins
Little history of the basque The basque is a feminine underwear that combines, in a single piece of lingerie, the functions of the bustier (i.e. supporting the chest) and the garter belt (fasteners used to fix the stockings... Lire la suite »

History of nylon stockings

Information on nylon and nylon stockings and its origins
History of Nylon What would our life be without Nylon? And above all, what would your ladies underwear look like? The invention of the firm Du Pont de Nemours turned the world of lingerie upside down. Nylon was... Lire la suite »

History of the Corset

Information on corset and its origins
A short story about the corset A corset is an undergarment (nowadays worn more readily as an outer garment) comprising whales intended above all to refine the waist and thus accentuate the natural feminine curves, as well as... Lire la suite »

History of lingerie

Information on fine lingerie and its origins
History of lingerie It has been turning the heads of men for centuries: object of fantasies, used to cover the body, but having this little je ne sais quoi of discovery… lingerie is the sensual and feminine object par... Lire la suite »