A short story about the corset

A corset is an undergarment (nowadays worn more readily as an outer garment) comprising whales intended above all to refine the waist and thus accentuate the natural feminine curves, as well as to maintain the bust and the hips.

This garment oscillates between a very masculine connotation (armor corset, iron corset), intended for the military, and a usual meaning, the most feminine of all. Women used corsets almost continuously from the 16th century until the fashion for tube dresses in the 1920s to give themselves an hourglass figure, which meant having the waist very thin in relation to the hips and chest.

It is interesting to note that the areas considered to be the most erotic or significant of the female body have changed a lot according to the times: if today it is the chest which is often the most eroticized part, in the 19th century it was indeed the size and its thinness which were the most watched. The corset therefore did not refine the waist to highlight, by contrast, the chest or the hips, but for the waist itself; moreover, at many times various paddings have been used on the hips, to visually accentuate the thinness of the waist.

Corsets are still rigged up today, in the minds of many, with an astonishing number of clichés and myths that die hard.

"Some doctors removed women's ribs so they could tighten their corsets more

Some 1900 women died from organs punctured by ribs crushed by their corsets." 

The corset strictly speaking no longer exists, replaced by beige and pink elastic sheaths which will experience various avatars depending on the decades. In the 1950s and 60s, women briefly found a real size (cf. Dior's New Look and American pin-ups).

A few real corsets are still made, but for theater, opera, movie star photo shoots. On a daily basis, the corset no longer exists. It leaves traces in lingerie, where it no longer reduces the size, is no longer boned, but becomes aesthetic again: basque, bustier.

Modern corsets The corset has been making a comeback since the end of the 20th century, at first timid in the 1980s, more marked since the end of the 1990s. Real corsets exist again, in ready-to-wear brands or made to measured by corset-makers, and seduce both new brides and goths.

Text from the forum Rechercher enviedailleurs.forumpro.fr