Sexy dress

For intimate evenings where beauty mixes with eroticism, the sexy dress takes its place. Relatively short and sometimes openwork naughty dresses to barely conceal certain intimate parts of femininity, sexy dresses that will inevitably cause enthusiasm in your partners and will make you want to be removed. This is what Sefine Lingerie offers you in sexy dresses for all slim or round women.

Sexy dress

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Redella Dress - Black

Rebella dress by Obsessive, proposed by Tendance Sensuelle will make you look forward to coming back home like never before!
Price €55.18

Ciao Bodycon Dress - Black

Discover the star-shaped red glossy nipples to whet the passions of the Anais lingerie brand distributed by your wholesaler in Sensuality lingerie. Self-adhesive and reusable. 1 pair.
Price €21.12